Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas around the world

A collection of 30 Christmas recipe links from around the world as ideas to get you started on your culinary celebration

Steve Manfredi: Roast turkey breast with chestnut stuffing Aussie (Italian) chef Stefano Manfredi separates the breast.

Gary Rhodes: A very British Christmas Xanthe Clay joins chef Gary Rhodes as he recreates the magic of the festive feast - from turkey stuffed with pistachios to brussels sprouts with maple syrup.

Benjamin Christie: An Australian twist on the traditional Christmas Turkey

Neil Perry: BBQ marinated quail, chicken, duck and with preserved lemon and harissa

Roast Quail with Grapes and Chestnuts Adapted from Restaurant Nicholas Le Bec, Lyon, France

Christmas Eve Baccala

Antonio Carlucci: Eel Baked with Bay Leaves This typical Venetian recipe is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. It originates from the Comacchio Valley, south of Chioggia, where the eels are wonderful and fat.

Tristan Welch: Christmas Cured Salmon

Karen Martini: Crayfish salad a la Rousse with saffron

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall: Glazed Baked Ham & Figs

Christine Manfield: Blue Swimmer Crab Shaved Coconut and Mint Salad with Fried Shallots

Luke Nguyen: Family Steamboat

Will Studd: Baked Clarines

Silvano Franco: Almondy Mince Pies

Rebecca Varidel: Mum's Christmas Pudding We've been trying to trace back how long this recipe has been handed down in the family. We can trace it back at least 80 years, and it probably has been used as this recipe, for even longer than that.

Classic Christmas Cake This, with no apologies, is a Christmas cake that has been in print since 1978, has been made and loved by thousands and is one of the most popular recipes Delia Smith has ever produced.

Guillaume Brahimi: Christmas Tree Icecream

Classic Buche de Noel

German Christmas Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread Men

Old-fashioned Christmas Stollen

Panforte Di Siena

Mario Batali: Panettone

Joulupuuro Finnish Christmas Rice Porridge

Alton Brown: Eggnog

Traditional Gluhwein

Pierre Herme’s Caramel Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Christmas Cracker cocktail

Nigella Lawson: Christmas Cookie Decorations

Jamie Oliver: Christmas Vegetables


  1. Great idea - thanks for the post, likely to be a useful resource

  2. The roast quail recipe is awesome.. very tasty and crispy :)